Lincoln Facts for Students - Abraham Lincolns Life, Presidency
Welcome to Mr. Lincoln’s world. We hope that you will make frequent visits and take full advantage of the wealth of information on these websites about Mr. Lincoln and the era in which he lived and worked.

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Get familiar with each site before you begin your real research. You will find that the Lincoln Institute websites approach topics from more than one perspective. You can find profiles on individuals, descriptions of physical locations, essays on periods in Mr. Lincoln’s life, and reports on how Mr. Lincoln dealt with friends and adversaries.

Look for features that will give you a sense of time and place. Timelines are available on Mr. Lincoln and Freedom and Mr. Lincoln’s White House. Maps are included so that you can see exactly where in the White House Tad Lincoln had his bedroom or how far William H. Seward had to walk to get from his home on Lafayette Square to his office in the State Department.


At the top-right of each section of text is a photo gallery that includes photos and drawings from the Gilder-Lehrman Collection, the Library of Congress, the Illinois State Historical Library and other sources. Double-click an image to enlarge it and show its source.

Further Research

There is much material on the Lincoln Institute websites, but there are easy ways to find even more.

  1. Each website has a “Library” that includes an extensive bibliography of books.
  2. At the end of each article, you will find a Footnotes section. Footnotes identify not only the source of each citation but also further information about the topic.
  3. Following the Footnotes, a Visit section contains a list of both internal links to other sections of the Lincoln Institute websites and external links for other sites not associated with the Lincoln Institute. In many cases, individuals have profiles on several websites. You can easily visit these other sites by clicking on the link. It will open a new frame so you can look at more than more aspect of Mr. Lincoln’s life at the same time.
  4. Use the “Search” function where available on the websites to find specific information.


Each section of text includes a print icon. Use the print icon to access a printer-friendly version of the material you wish to read offline.