Looking at Lincoln: Political Cartoons

Looking at Lincoln: Political Cartoons In an age before radio, television, and the Internet, many Americans received news and expressed their opinions about politicians and presidents through newspapers and cartoons. Political cartoons appeared in newspapers and were sold individually as prints in shops on street corners and by mail. These cartoons are vivid, sharp, and […]


Timelines A presumed mastery of American history without total understanding of the role that Mr. Lincoln played in giving us the country that we’ve inherited today is a superficial exercise. —Lewis Lehrman In addition to these online timelines, we also have a printable chronology of Lincoln’s life for classroom use.

Politics & Presidency

Politics and Presidency No president more decisively affected the direction of his country than Mr. Lincoln. No president expressed himself more precisely on what important issues were at stake in the Civil War. No president fought a war successfully to its end and with as much consequence to the future of American history—the future of […]

Slavery & Emancipation

 Slavery and Emancipation The Civil War was a war of national survival. In the absence of success on the part of Mr. Lincoln we would have had a slave-based republic in the South and we would have had a free democracy in the North—constantly at each others’ throats. There never would have been peace on […]

Additional Resources

Additional Resources Speeches and Writings The Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln – The University of Michigan hosts a searchable online edition of Roy P. Basler’s 1953 publication. The Papers of Abraham Lincoln – National Endowment for the Humanities The Abraham Lincoln Papers – Library of Congress The Lincoln-Douglas Debates – National Park Service Abraham Lincoln: […]


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